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New Food Items

Basil Chicken, Basil Fish, CrazyEggPlant, Fire Cracker Prawns, Fish & Vegetables,
Honey Glazed Egg Plant, Mandarine Chicken, Salt & Pepper Egg Plant, Taiwanese Rice Noodles,
Walnut Fish,  Xaio Long Bao,


  Barbecued Pork (12)-8.95   

Vegetarian Egg Rolls (3)-6.25

Fried Won Tons-6.25
with sweet and sour sauce.

Garlic Chicken Wings - 8.95 

 Pan Stickers- 8.95  

Beef Skewers- 8.95     


Po Po Platter- 12.25   
BBQ pork, egg rolls, fried prawns, fried wontons,
chicken tenders & beef skewers

Steamed Dumplings- 8.95

Cream Cheese Wontons  

Chicken Lettuce Wraps- $9.95

Green Onion Pancake- $3.50

Xaio Long Bao


Clues to Family Dining
No Substitutes please. Minimum order for two.


Single Combination

 E. No. 1 Son- 13.75 Per Person
Won Ton Soup, Almond Fried Boneless Chicken,
Sweet & Sour Pork, Chicken Chow Mein, Barbecued Pork Fried Rice, Fortune Cookie.

       F. No. 2 Son- 13.95 Per Person
Won Ton Soup, Deep Fried Prawns, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken Chow Mein, Barbecued Pork Fried Rice, Fortune Cookie.


G. No. 3 Son- 15.95 Per Person   
Won Ton Soup, Barbecued Pork, Egg Roll, Deep-Fried Prawns, Sweet & Sour Pork, Almond Fried Boneless Chicken, Chicken Chow Mein, Barbecued Pork Fried Rice, Fortune Cookie.

H. Child's Plate- 8.95 Per Person
Won Ton Soup, Egg Roll, Deep-Fried Prawns,
Barbecued Pork Fried Rice, Fortune Cookie.
(12 years & under) 


Creme de la Crime
Served with steamed rice. (subsitute pork fried rice for 2.25 extra

    Oriental Encounter- 14.95
a combination of tenderloin beef, juicy prawns,
boneless chicken with green pepper, onions and mushrooms with our special sauce. Served in Chinese Wok.

    Walnut Prawns- 14.95
Jumbo prawns fried and coated with a special sauce (mixture of mayo & lemon juice) in a bed of broccoli, garnished with honey glazed walnuts

    Ginger Chicken or Beef- 12.75
Shredded chicken or beef and ginger with green onion stir-fried with home made sauce. The gingery flavor is too delicious to miss.

  General Tso's Chicken*- 13.25
A famous dish prepared by the royal chef of General Tso. This is a spicy hot item. Please choose 0-5 stars to suit you palette.

   Sesame Beef or Sesame Chicken- 11.95
Strips of tender chicken or beef lightly floured and quick fried, then tossed with sesame seeds in a special dark sauce. It is crispy on the outside and tender in the inside.

Treasure of the Sea- 15.25
Gulf prawns, cod fish, tofu, and garden
vegetables sauteed with a special sauce. Served in a Chinese Wok.

   Kung Po Delight*- 15.25
A tradition dish from the Szechuan province. Juicy prawns, cod fish and chicken stir-fried with peanuts and diced water chesnuts in a spicy hot sauce. Please choose 1 to 5 stars for the spiciness.

   Emerald Crispy Prawns*- 14.95
Gulf prawns wok-fried with garlic, cilantro and black pepper. This item is fragrant with the aroma of Chinese spice. Cannot be missed!


Honey Glazed Chicken- 13.25  
Strips of chicken breast lightly battered, flash-fried, with a honey based special sauce. It will surely delight.

Black Pepper Beef- 13.75  
Tender beef marinated with exotic spices, wok-fried with onion and tossed in an aromatic black peppercorn sauce. Served on a hot plate

Seafood Delight in a  
Bird's Nest- 15.25

A variety of seafood including juicy prawns and whole scallops sauteed with fresh garden vegetables cradled in a crispy potato basket.

Ocean Extravaganza*-15.25
A flavorful dish from the Szechuan province. Juicy prawns and cod fish lightly battered and toss fried garden vegetables in our chef's favorite sauce. Please choose from 0 to 5 stars.

Orange Beef  or  
Orange Chicken-11.95
Chunks of tender beef or chicken tossed in an orange flavored, spicy hot sauce. 12.25

Chicken or Beef with Black Bean Sauce- 12.95
Sauteed tender pieces of chicken or beef with fresh onion and green pepper in black bean sauce. It is delightfully aromatic!

Sweet & Sour Deluxe-13.95    
A marvelous combination of deep-fried prawns, chicken, pork, won ton skins in a natural fruit-flavored sweet and sour sauce

Lemon Chicken- 13.25  
Tender pieces of white meat chicken lightly battered, fried and served in a lemon flavored sauce.

Happy Family on a Hot Plate- 14.95  
A quaint name for a colorful dish with a tenderloin beef, chicken, gulf prawns and garden vegetables in a sizzling hot plate. Listen, it SIZZLES!


Light & Healthy Entrees

Served with steamed rice. (subsitute pork fried rice for 2.25 extra)

  Buddhist Delight Stir-fried  or steamed- 10.95
Vegetarian favorite.
Sugar peapods, bok-choy, cabbage,
broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, celery,
baby corn and other vegetables in a
delicious sauce. With fried tofu add 1.50

   Double Teasure- 10.95
Stir fried baby bok-choy with tofu in a delicious sauce.

  Mu Shu Vegetables- 12.50
Sauteed Chinese vegetables
accompanied by 4 Chinese pancakes
and plum sauce. (No steamed rice).

  Sauteed Broccoli & Garlic-10.95
Stir fried broccoli with oyster sauce
and garlic.

  Salt and Pepper Tofu- 10.95
Fresh tofu lightly floured and quick
wok-fried with garlic, salt and white
pepper. Fragrant with the aroma of
Chinese spice.


Coconut Curry Vegetable- 11.25   
Vegetarian dish featuring green beans,
cocnut, broccoli, fried tofu, and peanuts
in a spicy exotic Indian curry.

Tofu Szechuan Style*- 10.95  
Hot braised tofu and garlic.

Tofu Family Style*-10.95  
A combination of fried tofu with
Chinese vegetables.

Kung Po Tofu*- 10.95
Fried tofu with zucchini, water
chestnuts and peanuts in a dark soy

Sauteed String beans*-10.95

(Add shredded pork,  chicken  or beef)

Oriental Chicken Salad-  


Ala Carte
Served with steamed rice. (subsitute pork fried rice)


   Oyster Beef- 12.25

  Ginger Beef-12.75

  Beef with Broccoli- 12.25

Beef with Black Bean Sauce- 13.75

  Beef with Garden Fresh Vegetables-12.25

  Beef with Sugar Peapods-

  Beef with Tomato & Green Pepper- 12.25

  Beef Szechuan*- 12.25

  Curry Beef- 12.25

  Mongolian Beef*- 12.50



Sweet & Sour Pork- 11.95 

Mu Shu Pork- 12.50 
(Served with 4 Chinese pancakes only.
No steamed rice)

BBQ Pork Szechuan*  
Chow Mein
Fried Rice
Pad Thai

Soup Noodles

Noodles served in chicken broth.

BBQ Pork Soup Noodles- 10.25 

Chicken Soup Noodles- 10.25

Beef Soup Noodles- 10.25

Wor Mein Soup Noodles- 10.75
(beef, chicken, shrimp, and pork)

Singapore Noodles- 11.25  

NEW  Beef Szechuan Noodles- 9.25 

NEW  Taiwanese Rice Noodles 9.95  

Chow Foon
(Flat rice noodles)

  Beef  or Chicken Chow Foon in Black Bean Sauce- 11.95

  Special Chow Foon- 11.95
(beef, chicken, shrimp, and pork)

Seafood Chow Foon- 13.50
(prawns, scallops, and imitation crab meat)

American Menu

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks- 6.95
8 tasty fried cheese sticks served with ketchup or ranch dressing for dipping.

Chicken Strips- 10.25
Served with french fries

Corn Dog- 5.95
Served with french fries

  Corn Dog only

 French Fries- 3.95

Side orders
Crispy Noodles- .95

Steamed Rice- 1.25

Sweet & Sour Sauce- .95

Pancake- .95

Fortune Cookies 1 dz

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